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POSEIDON DIVING CENTER organizes diving trips to more than twenty beautiful dive sites in the "island of Brac," and the area to the bay Vrulja. At all locations can be reached by dive boat and length of ride (depending on the location of diving) is 15-50 minutes. In front of the diving center of Baska Voda, departing at 13 am, in Brela ship "LIBE" arrives at 13:15 pm on the main quay of the port Brela (Soline).

In one day we will dive twice and at two different locations. Between the two dives was a pause of 1 hour. Return to the port is about 18 hours. Dive sites are composed of interesting underwater walls, caves, fields with large shells, corals, and parts of ancient amphorae.
Top locations in our area is a bay Vrulje which is actually a source of fresh water that comes from an underwater cave at a depth of 27 meters. Due to the mixing of fresh and salt water offshore is very interesting, there is a purple algae on the rocks and the depth is about 100 feet in a steep canyon that plunges into the depths.

All dives are custom categories and abilities as a diver, and current conditions for scuba diving. The first dive is always something deeper, but our recommendation is that advanced divers (AOWD or more categories) do not go deeper than 30 meters while the beginner (OWD) must adhere to its limited depth of diving. The second dive is done at the shallower sites and for all the divers depth is limited to 20 meters. All diving is done in the safety curve - no decompression with Safety Stops for 5 minutes at 5 meters depth.

All divers who dive with us have the time to get to the place of departure. Should be in good health, and well rested. Consumption of alcohol is not in accordance with the diving activities. If the diver does not feel well should not dive and he must report his dive.
Diving boat is equipped with first aid kit with oxygen and evacuation plan, and the nearest Hyperbaric chamber is located in the city of Split (50km).




1. SOLINE - varied terrain with plenty of fish and octopus, depth to 25 meters
2. MAESTRAL –passed the grassy terrain mixed with rocks and the oases of Posidonia, a lot of shellfish and fish, the depth to 35 meters
3. PUNTA RATA –cliff area with two beautiful caves and wall that drops to 25 feet deep, lots of fish and octopus
4. LIS KAMEN - interesting underwater wall to 25 feet deep
5. ŠĆIT – long underwater wall with interesting sections, the depth to 20 meters
6. STOMARICA – rocky areas with remnants of the old wooden fishing boat, a lot of smaller fish, the depth to 35 meters
7. OPLOVCI – two underwater walls, one goes to 25 meters a second to 32 meters, diverse flora and fauna
8. JAKIRUŠA – underwater wall that drops 30 feet, the remains of amphorae in the bay
9. PELEGRIN – prominent headland at the entrance to the bay Vrulje, a lot of crabs and fish, the depth to 25 meters
10. UVALA VRULJE – top location, source of fresh water, caves and underwater canyon, lots of fish and beautiful underwater colors
11. PISAK – locations with large rocks under the sea, lots of fish and crustaceans
12. TRAVNA – a beautiful wall that starts at 15 meters and goes over 40 feet
13. TIČJI RAT – one of the most beautiful walls on the island Brac, starting at a depth of 10 meters long, over 300 meters, lots of sponges, corals and fish
14. UVALA KLJUČNA –passed the rocky terrain with lots of grouper and octopus
15. UVALA TATINJA – north side, a very nice wall to 40 feet deep
16. UVALA TATINJA – south side, a long wall with a lot of fish, the depth of 40 meters
17. UVALA VOŠĆICA – protruding cape with a beautiful underwater world, the depth to 40 meters
18. UVALA ZVIRJE – north side, a nice wall with lobsters and grouper
19. UVALA ZVIRJE – south side, two exquisite wall with lots of fish
20. LAŠĆATNA – north side, the underwater terrain with lots of cliffs up to 25 feet deep, a lot of fish and crustaceans
21. LAŠĆATNA – south side, passed the rocky terrain with lots of fish, shellfish and large amphorae
22. RASOTICA – Beautiful bay, fields of sea-flowering Posidonia with large pen shells, remains of an old wooden boat, the depth to 25 meters
23. PLANIK – prominent headland with a maximum depth of 40 meters, a lot of lobster and octopus
24. HRID RUDINICA –interesting rocky terrain with oases of Posidonia, clams and snails, the depth to 25 meters
25. UVALA STUDENA – beautiful rocky terrain that is steep plunges into the depths, groupers, lobsters and many other small fish, the depth to 40 meters









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